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In July 1997, Apostle Dr. Tony Barhoo was called to pastor his first church under the direction of the State Overseer of The Church of God. As Living Faith Church of God (formerly Holly Hill Church of God) began to grow, Pastor Barhoo heard from God and was directed to begin a new ministry which would be known as Living Faith World Ministries.

Living Faith World Ministries was formally founded in January of 2000 with only five members, four of who were the pastor and family. Although Pastor Barhoo was still fulfilling his responsibility as pastor of Living Faith Church of God, he continued to pursue his vision and carried on the services for Living Faith World Ministries after the prior service. Because of the rapid growth, it became apparent that the current location at 1141 Cave Ave. would no longer be sufficient for the now approximately three hundred members. 

In 2001, God continued to direct this bold leader and led him to relocate his ministry to 724 South Segrave Street in Daytona Beach, Florida. In addition to purchasing the church, the membership continued to step out on faith and purchased the adjacent land as well. After just three and a half years, God moved yet again on August 7th of 2005 and directed this now over seven hundred empowered believers to stretch their faith beyond the limits and purchase the existing site of Living Faith World Ministries at  950 Derbyshire Road in Daytona Beach, Florida. This 20,000 square foot property sits on six acres of land and is used for numerous ministry and community events.

The ministry continues to grow, now accommodating more than one thousand members during Sunday Worship services and throughout the week. Living Faith World Ministries is in covenant fellowship with churches all around the country. Our ministry is open seven days a week for prayer and there is always something to do for everyone! We are grateful for what God has done; and with much anticipation, we look forward to even greater things!

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