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Living Faith World Ministries, led by its founding pastor, Dr. Tony Barhoo, opened it doors in January of 2000 at  1141 Cave Avenue in Holly Hill, Florida. This tiny congregation of 5, quickly grew to over one hundred members within one year. In 2002, God directed this bold leader, and now 300 faith-filled members relocated to 724 S. Seagrave Street in Daytona Beach, Florida. While at this location, God blessed tremendously and allowed this innovative leader to not only restore the building, but to also purchase the surrounding land. However, God had more in store. After just three and a half years, Dr. Barhoo received the call to move yet again. this time it would be the greatest faith venture yet!

In August 2005, Pastors Tony and Sharlene Barhoo, along with hundreds of fired up believers purchased a 20, 000 square foot edifice which is the present site of Living Faith World Ministries at 950 Derbyshire Road in Daytona Beach, Florida. This elaborate property sits on 6 sprawling acres of land and houses and administrative building, education facility, fellowship and recreation hall and many other features. Of course the jewel of this facility is the immaculated sanctuary that accommodates about five hundred energized believers. The Barhoo's now oversee more than one thousand members, sixty ministries, numerous weekly services and have a ministerial staff of approximately thirty dedicated men and women of God.

For the daring visionary, this is only the beginning. There are more souls yet to be won to the kingdom. As plans are formulated to construct a multiplex that not only houses a five thousand seat sanctuary, but also provides housing for the community, daycare and school,  clothing stores, restaurants, hair care facilities and other community needs. Pastor Barhoo believes in serving the whole person; spiritually, physically and emotionally. it is his desire and the desire of the Living Faith family to be a light; as Jesus shines through us, we will shine throughout our communities and the world. We believe here at Living Faith - the best is yet to come!

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