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Living Faith World Ministries is a charismatic multicultural Christian Church located in the beautiful City of Daytona Beach, Florida USA. Our church history began in July 1997 when the Church Of God State Overseer appointed Dr. Tony Barhoo to pastor “Holly Hill Church of God.” The church was located at 1141 Cave Avenue in Holly Hill, Florida. Church of God was an international ministry with its General Headquarters in Cleveland Tennessee, USA, and State Headquarters in Cocoa Florida, USA. Later that year, the Holly Hill Church of God became known as the Living Faith Church of God. Dr. Barhoo pastored Living Faith Church of God for about three years until God directed him in a different direction. The District Overseer for the churches of God appointed another pastor to continue the works at Living Faith Church of God. In July 2000 with a new vision for ministry, God directed Dr. Tony and Dr. Sharlene Barhoo to start a new ministry that would impact the world for Jesus. “Living Faith World Ministries” was birth and officially founded in that same year. It began with only five members, four of whom were the pastor's family and one precious lady.



They stayed at the current building site for a short time, as Pastor Barhoo searched for a new location. The church experienced rapid growth to over 300 born-again bible believers.

In 2001, God supernaturally opened a door to relocate Living Faith World Ministries to its new home located at 724 South Segrave Street in Daytona Beach, Florida. As membership grew to over 700 faithful members, the church was able to acquire the adjacent property, purchase most of the block, and developed plans to build a new sanctuary. With multiple services in the 6000 square feet building, God once again directed Dr. Tony and Dr. Sharlene to change locations. On August 7th of 2005, with continued growth in membership to over 2000 believers, God stretched our faith to our current site 950 Derbyshire Road, Daytona Beach, Florida. This 20,000-square-foot property is located on six-plus acres of land. It became the home for Living Faith World Ministries and the launching pad for international ministries around the globe. Living Faith World Ministries continues to impact people from every walk of life.



Our church provides various activities that accommodate more than two thousand members weekly. Living Faith Covenant Fellowship has partnered with pastors and churches worldwide to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ, feeding the hungry, clothing the naked, visiting the sick, and providing Christian education. 

Living Faith Academy, located at 950 Derbyshire Road in Daytona Beach, Florida, began with one student in August of 2009 and has tremendously grown each year providing Christian education to over 200 students and families.


Living Faith World Ministries had a vision plan in 2018 to add new buildings to accommodate school growth and church expansion. This project was completed in 2022 by adding three new buildings and many upgrades to our facilities. God gets all the glory and we are so thankful for God’s grace and favor. Get ready for greater is the horizon and the best is yet to come. This time, it would require a supernatural walk of faith.

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