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Living Faith World Ministries, Inc. offers ministerial credentialing through Living Faith Covenant Fellowship. Applicants must meet all requirements and standards. In addition, applicants must remain in good standing with Living Faith World Ministries, Inc. guidelines. All certificates must be renewed annually. Failure to renew annually will result in your ministerial credentials being revoked.

Ministerial License is a legal confirmation of God's calling and provides accountability for credibility. It provides integrity and support to the individual in ministry.

Ministerial License is an important and practical way to acknowledge a person's calling to a life devoted to ministering to the body of Christ, especially those that preach and teach the Word of God. 

Candidates may become credentialed in the following areas as long as guidelines are met and maintained. 


There are two levels of ministry that are recognized by this ministry. They are defined as follows:

Licensed - First Level of Ministry:

Minister - Persons professing a divine call to proclaim the Word of God. (Elders, Servants, Ambassadors, and Reverends are all recognized as ministers.)

A licensed minister will have the following rights and responsibilities: Preach, teach, and defend the Gospel of Jesus Christ

  • Serve in the office of Pastor, Evangelist, and Missionary

  • Serve in any ministry leadership position

  • Conduct services and ministry activities sponsored by the local church

  • Assist with the administration of the Holy Sacraments as deemed appropriate by the local overseer

  • Receive members into the local fellowship

  • Serve on Church Council and other boards

Evangelist - a person that has the calling to preach the good news. (Luke4:18)

Teacher - a person with a divine calling to instruct the Word of God. (Matthew 9:35)

Missionary - a person with a divine calling to carry the Gospel across the nations, and do charitable work.

Ordained - Next Level of Ministry:

Minister - a person that has been licensed for no less than two years and is in good standing with the local church. 

Apostle - a person who is sent out with the authority to establish churches on a solid foundation of God's Word.

Pastors - a person who has the divine calling to shepherd, feed and guide flocks. Pastors will prepare God's people for the work of the ministry, build up the body of Christ, bring unity of the faith and knowledge of the Son of God, and bring saints to a place of maturity and fullness of Christ.

Prophets - a person with a divine calling to foretell events and to speak under divine inspiration. A prophet will give direction, confirm guidance and vision, give insight into the Word of God, tell facts about people's lives, rebuke, judge, correct, warn and reveal future events.

Evangelist - a person that has been licensed for more than two years, works in the ministry of evangelism and is in good standing with the church. 

Teacher - a person that has been licensed, worked in the ministry for more than two years, and is in good standing with the church.



Directors (area, regional, national, international, or country/island) 

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